Will Big Day Out become Lollapalooza Australia Instead?

Will Big Day Out become Lollapalooza Australia Instead?

Big Day Out, the most iconic of Australian rock festivals, may be no more after the less than stellar recent ticket sales, becoming instead an Australian leg of the long running US festival Lollapalooza.

According to a recent article in The Age, BDO stands to lose up to $10 million on next year's gigs, something that would make it vulnerable to a buyout by C3, the US outfit that already own a stake in it.

C3 are the outfit behind both Lollapalooza and Austin City Limits Music Festival are they were brought into the BDO fold by the festival's co-founder Ken West, who also courted Soundwave promoter AJ Maddah earlier this year, persuading him to join the team as well.

For his part, Maddah thinks that rumours of Big Day Out's demise are "nonsense" stating in an email “This is where the reasonable man test comes in. If BDO was such a basket case, why would I, the single most sensible individual in this industry, get involved?” The fact that promoters have already cancelled a second Sydney date for 2014 (with the whole NZ leg looking like it is in jeopardy) does not bode well though.

The initial line up for Big Day Out 2014 is a US heavy one, led by veterans Pearl Jam, but the Australian acts listed among the featured acts will include Tame Impala, Northlane, Cosmic Psychos, Loon Lake and Kingswood.

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