WATCH: Seekae Video for 'Another'

WATCH: Seekae Debut Video for 'Another'

The video for three-piece Australian electronica outfit Seekae's latest single 'Another' has premiered via UK publication The Guardian to rave reviews.

The clip was directed by Bolivian based Englishman Ian Pons Jewell who has directed clips for Cloud Control, DJ Shadow and Crystal Fighters.

The clip is based on a superstition he heard soon after arriving in the Bolivia: the sacrifice and burial of a person in a construction site to bring good fortune.

Ian describes, “A sacrifice, to strengthen the building and keep the builders safe in this hazardous occupation (scaffolding is wooden, and harnesses aren't used so much)."

"The building would then be built on top of this sacrificed man. It changed my whole outlook as I would journey through the city, all these high-rises were like a tombstone for some poor alcoholic. But what a tombstone. A tombstone with people living inside it."

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