Watch: Foster the People documentary on the making of 'Supermodel'

Watch: Foster the People documentary on the making of 'Supermodel'

Foster the People's sophomore album Supermodel debuts on March 18. Ahead of its release the band have created a three part series of videos that chronicle some of the processes and thoughts behind the album and what went during the recording. You can watch the first part below.

In an interview with the Huffington Post frontman James Foster explained that while he is very happy with the new record one or two of the tracks make him 'uneasy', especially one entitled The Truth; "This song makes me very uncomfortable. I didn’t want to put it on the record because it’s too close to home, I guess. It exposes a lot of me, and so does 'Goats In Trees.’ I wrote those songs in order to express something I couldn’t fully articulate with words. To express something I couldn’t extract. I don’t know how to talk about them because they rare abstract emotions that come from a guarded place in my heart that people don’t normally get to see."

He also explained the thinking behind the poem he wrote that forms a part of the new album's cover art; "I'm really into the recycling of art. That one piece of art inspires another piece of art, which inspires another piece of art. I really like that idea. This record's about consumption. This girl, this supermodel, is vomiting this poem that she consumed, that she couldn’t hold down. Vomiting this poem about consumption while photographers around her capturing that moment, consuming her, and then vomiting those photos out to the public. It’s this back and forth, this cycle."

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