Travis Soon To Release First Album In Five Years

Travis Announce Release Of First Album In Five Years

Those post-Britpop Glaswegian boys known as Travis have announced the release of their first new album in five years.

Their last record was back in 2008 with Ode To J. Smith and after taking a break from the spotlight the Fran Healy fronted band are now putting the finishing touches on their 7th studio album Where You Stand.

Travis released their first album back in 1997, but there was one special track from their 1999 album The Man Who that propelled them high on music charts around the world.

That song was the oh-so-catchy ‘Why Does It Always Rain On Me?' and funnily enough, when Travis took the stage to perform this tune at the 1999 Glastonbury Festival, after being dry for several hours, it began to rain as soon as the first line was sung.

Speaking about the band's hiatus from the music scene, bassist Dougie Payne told NME: "You stay away as long as it takes, so you feel that hunger and desire to get back to it same as you did at the start."

Where You Stand is due for release on August 19.

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