The Butterfly Effect Stream Eyes Down And New Vocalist

The silence is over and the cogs are ticking! Brissy-based prog-rockers The Butterfly Effect have unveiled their new leading man Paul Galagher along with their new track ‘Eyes Down’ featuring backing vocals of The Occupants and ex-Cog Flynn Gower.

Butters farewelled previous singer Clint Boge, who largely contributed to the groups signature unique sound. Clint Boge’s new venture is with Like Thieves.

Paul Galagher’s introduction to the fans will be via a natural environment, on stage with their home-town getting the first peek.

‘Eyes Down’ ventures down the path of Butters original sound and indie vibe. Being present at the last gig The Butterfly Effect did in 2012, it’s intriguing and exciting to see what Butters come up with next with the new collective.

The Butterfly Effect tour begins this October for the first time with the new line-up. Oh yeah!



Thursday October 10 - The Zoo, Brisbane QLD

Friday October 11 - Gershwin Room @ The Espy, Melbourne VIC

Thursday October 17 - Rosemount, Perth WA

Friday October 18 - Fowlers, Adelaide SA

Saturday October 19 - Annandale, Sydney NSW
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