Strokes' Albert Hammond Jr says Courtney Love is full of shit

Strokes' Albert Hammond Jr says Courtney Love is full of shit

As a former drug addict The Strokes' guitarist Albert Hammond Jr. knows a thing or two about the effects of illegal highs. In a recent interview with Noisey he took a bit of a pot shot at Courtney Love over her comments, made several years ago, that crack cocaine had given her special maths powers and made her "whiz at calculus" and higher functioning in general.

Said Hammond Jr; "She's full of shit. People make statements like that. They're trying to express in words. I think it needs to sound more extreme just to have that effect. She's describing that she had extreme focus on one thing, whereas most of the time, she was just more all over the place. She's definitely full of shit."

Discussing his own recovery he said that he has now been sober for four years after some heavy, heavy drug use. I used to shoot cocaine, heroin and ketamine. All together. Morning, night, 20 times a day. You know, I was a mess. I look back and I don't even recognise myself. I did my own thing."

The now clean Hammond Jr released a solo EP 'AHJ' in October via bandmate Julian Casablancas' Cult Records label and is embarking on a string of UK dates.

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