Stream New Pearl Jam Album 'Lightning Bolt'

Stream New Pearl Jam Album 'Lightning Bolt'

Pearl Jam have been kind enough to stream their new album Lightning Bolt on iTunes in its entirety, a week ahead of its scheduled release date of October 15.

Lead guitarist Mike McCready told Total Guitar the album took a fair amount of time to produce: "We started it two years ago."

"Then we had to pull back. We finished seven songs two years ago and we had to take some time to figure out what we wanted to do. And write some more songs. So about four months ago we started up again with a brand new batch of songs to go along with those."

He went on to say that he feel the time it's taken has really helped: "I think it's going to be really cool record and I'm very excited about it."

"Every artist says that about their new thing but I feel like we've been through a long journey to get there and it was totally worth it."

Here is the lead single from Lightning Bolt, 'Sirens':

Lightning Bolt Tracklist

01. Getaway
02. Mind Your Manners
03. My Father’s Son
04. Sirens
05. Lightning Bolt
06. Infallible
07. Pendulum
08. Swallowed Whole
09. Let The Records Play
10. Sleeping By Myself
11. Yellow Moon
12. Future Days
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