Sources say Outkast ready to reunite for Coachella 2014

Sources say Outkast ready to reunite for Coachella 2014

It has been seven years since Andre 3000 and Big Boi collaborated on anything at all as Outkast and even longer since they actually took to a stage together.

In the intervening years Andre 3000 has been crafting his acting skills, including his turn in the Jimi Hendrix biopic All is by My Side. Big Boi on the other hand has been sticking to music, releasing a solo album and most recently composing a score for the Atlanta Ballet (!) Now however persistent rumours are suggesting that the Atlanta boys are getting ready to get back together and headline the 2014 Coachella Festival as Outkast.

According to Billboard magazine a number of sources have told them that there have been “some conversations” between the two camps about the idea while others claim it is actually a done deal. It is known however that 2014 will see Andre 3000 release his own solo album, but on the other hand it will also be 20 years since their debut album ' Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik' was released so maybe the timing is right after all.

Coachella is staged in April, over the course of two weekends, so they have plenty of time to make a decision.

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