Slash Endorsed Local Lads, Airbourne

Slash Endorsed Local Lads, Airbourne

With the following Facebook status update, Slash gives two big thumbs up to our local rock heroes, Airbourne.

Just heard new Airbourne cd, "Black Dog Barking" it's fucking rad. Killer guitar sound. Great songs. Out May 20 Euro. May 21 US.
iiii]; )'

You have got to love Slash's emoticon, complete with his trademark hat. Of course, Slash and Airbourne have shared the bill on a few European summer festivals and he has name checked them before in interviews.

At the Download Festival, Slash stated that, "those guys are phenomenal. As far as new rock and roll bands are concerned right now, there haven’t been a lot of insanely great acts for some time. It’s hard to say who else I’d pick but Airbourne rock!”

Airbourne frontman Joel O'Keeffe has repeated the favour by stating, "Slash is Rock'n'Roll and Soulful at the same time, he is a phenomenal guitarist that will be remembered forever. His showmanship, musicianship, guitar tone and trade mark riffs and licks have influenced countless guitarists worldwide. We are honored and stoked that he tips his top hat towards us. Slash Rock'n'Fk'n'Roll forever!"

Check out this video footage of Joel's spectacular stage climb in the rain at the Download Festival, before they pulled the plug on him. He is truly our local hero of rock'n'roll!

Airbourne - Too Much, Too Young, Too Fast

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