Sir Elton John and Garage Guru Jack White Collaboration

The legendary Sir Elton John, has recently confirmed collaborating with Jack White on a new blues song produced by T Bone Burnett who often collaborates with the rock and roll legend.

Sir Elton John recently told The Hollywood Reporter: “I just did a thing with Burnett the other day for American Epic, a six-episode program about the history of the blues,” adding “I got to use the original machine from 1934 that Bessie Smith and Louis Armstrong recorded on. I wrote a special song with Bernie Taupin, and Jack White played on it. So it went straight to analog. That was a lot of fun. Recording sometimes can be stressful. But with T Bone, it’s really fun and I don’t freak out and I’m much more relaxed than I would be with anybody else.”

Recorded on vintage equipment with contemporary artists and working alongside White’s current recording preservation skills, American Epic will be produced by Robert Redford with a soundtrack curated by  T Bone Burnett and Jack White.
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