Rock Star Dads

Rock Star Dads

The music industry has it's fair share of famous rock star dads and we take this Father's Day to salute some of them. Some classic rock dads have children who have also gone on to become famous, while others have taken the more private route and have kept their families and children out of the spotlight. Being a rock'n'roll photographer, it is not unusual to me to see doting fathers taking care of their kids backstage at gigs and even sometimes, getting them up on stage. Above is a photograph of Pearl Jam's Eddie Vedder with his daughters backstage.

Alice Cooper
Rock Star Dads
Children: Calico (pictured), Dash and Sonora Rose

Shock rocker, Alice Cooper has been dazzling audiences on stage for decades. With such memorable hits such as 'School's Out', 'Only Women Bleed', 'Department Of Youth' and 'Poison'. On his last aussie tour, Alice died on stage about twenty times and he is also had his oldest daughter Calico as part the theatrical stage show. His son Dash is also in a rock band, performing with Runaway Phoenix.

Steven Tyler
Rock Star Dads
Children: Liv (pictured), Mia, Chelsea and Taj

Aerosmith's showman, Steven Tyler is a fully-fledged bona fide rock star but his daughter Liv has a flourishing career on the big screen. Appearing in almost 30 movies including the classic Lord Of The Rings trilogy. Let's not forget Armageddon, One Night at McCool's and one of our favourite movies about a record store, Empire Records.

Bob Dylan
Rock Star Dads
Children: Jakob (pictured), Jesse, Anna Lea, Samuel, Desiree and Gabrielle.

With his band, The Wallflowers, Jakob Dylan is the most famous of his Bob Dylan's children. They had some major chart success with a cover of David Bowie’s 'Heroes'. You might not know it but Bob Dylan’s oldest son Jesse is a successful film director. He also made the classic music video 'Lonely Boy' for The Black Keys.

Steven Earle
Rock Star Dads
Children: Justin (pictured), two other children.

Maybe it is stretching it calling them "rock'n'roll" but there is no denying the fact that Steve Earle and his son, Justin Townes Earle have laid down a musical legacy. The good news is that Justin will touring soon. He is headlining the inaugural Out On The Weekend music festival at Seaworks, Williamstown on October the 18th.

Ozzy Osbourne
Rock Star Dads
Children: Jack & Kelly (pictured) Elliot, Jessica, Louis and Aimee

Some rock stars have decided to put their whole life on in the public eye, on a popular hit reality TV show. It was certainly an eye opener watching Black Sabbath's Ozzy Osbourne going completely berko with his loud wife Sharon and his son Jack and daughter Kelly on 'The Osbournes' having a shouting match.

Jack has since had his own show 'Jack Osbourne: Adrenaline Junkie', while he battles with multiple sclerosis. He has also appeared on 'Dancing With The Stars' and has made a documentary about his dad. Kelly has had success as a singer, actress, author and fashion designer.

Billy Ray Cyrus
Rock Star Dads
Children: Miley (pictured), Christopher Cody, Braison, Noah and Trace.

Of course there are some rock dads that have had their musical careers completely get overshadowed by their siblings. Billy Ray Cyrus might be doomed to be a "one hit wonder" with his 1992 massive hit 'Achy Breaky Heart'. There is no denying that his daughter Miley has had a stellar career with countless front page magazine covers. From her hit television series 'Hannah Montana' to 'Wrecking Ball' and twerking all over stadiums around the world. Miley is also touring Australia soon with her Bangerz Tour in October.

Their is a long list of others famous fathers we could mention. Frank Sinatra and Nancy, which had a duet with 'Something Stupid'. Reggae god, Bob Marley and his son Ziggy. John Lennon and his two sons, Sean and Julian Lennon. Lionel Richie and his reality TV star, Nicole. Ringo Starr and his son, Zak. Beach Boy Brian Wilson and his two daughters Carnie and Wendy of Wilson Phillips fame. Ian Dury and his son Baxter. David Bowie his sci-fi film directing son, Duncan Jones. In the case of Hank Williams, there is actually three generations. His son was Hank Williams Jr., and HIS son is Hank Williams III.

Julio Iglesias with his latin singing son, Enrique and the worse thing to happen in recent music history....Motown mogul Berry Gordy and his offbeat screen mugging son, RedFoo of LMFAO.

Rock Star Dads

One of the most tragic father and son combinations is Tim Buckley and his son Jeff, who both died so young.
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