Radiohead, Gaz Coombes approved music store avoids closure

Radiohead, Gaz Coombes approved music store avoids closure

Professional Music Technology in Oxford, England is the preferred music store of choice for many a musician, including members of Radiohead and Supergrass. The owners of the site on which it sits though are the hotel giants Travelodge and they had had plans to turn the place into a restaurant instead.

The stars who are its fans, and many others spoke out against the plans in the hope that the local council would not allow such a thing to happen by refusing to grant the appropriate planning permission. Ex Supergrass frontman Gaz Coombes explained the importance of the store to him and other musicians to a local paper "I've been going to PMT Music shop since I was young, as have many fellow musicians and friends. There is nothing like it in Oxford and it's vital for the continual nurturing of Oxford music... It's the cultural soul of Oxford and the birthplace of many great artists and musicians, with PMT providing an important hub for the vast amount of creative people living here."

Radiohead's Colin Greenwood echoed those sentiments; "I love PMT. It is the first place I go to when I need to get anything. It is very down to earth. I have known those guys for a long time. It is a drop-in place to meet and chat. I still get my own gear and they can answer difficult technical questions about computers and synthesisers."

Well, for once it seems like a local council listened to the people, as the BBC reported today that the Oxford City Council voted unanimously against the proposal. Something that made Coombes very happy as he tweeted:

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