Pink Floyd Impersonator Claims $100,000 Medical Bills

Pink Floyd Impersonator Claims $100,000 Medical Bills

A man pretending to be Pink Floyd frontman Dave Gilmour has been arrested after racking up $100,000 (US) in hospital bills.

53-year old Phillip Schaeffer, of Minnesota, checked into St Cloud Hospital in Canada on April 20 and April 24.

He told hospital staff that Pink Floyd was touring Canada, and that he had health insurance with a London-based company.

He even signed an autograph for a hospital employee's son.

Hospital spokeswoman Jeanine Nistler told the St. Cloud Times how the imposter was unmasked.

She said: "There was some discussion among security staff leading people to believe that he really wasn’t David Gilmour."

"Our security supervisor pulled up the security camera shots of when this man entered the hospital and compared them to pictures on the Internet of Pink Floyd’s David Gilmour and determined he was not David Gilmour."

(The picture here is David Gilmour, not Phillip Schaeffer. Just making that clear.)

A local copper, who was at the hospital for an unrelated reason, confronted Schaeffer and arrested him.

Schaeffer was later released, so that the police can work out what the charge will actually be.

Sticking with this pseudo-medical theme, check out the genuine Gilmour performing 'Comfortably Numb' with the genuine prog-rock pioneers that are Pink Floyd. The video's right here.

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