Optimistic Brian May of Queen thanks fans for support after he revealed cancer scare

Optimistic Brian May of Queen thanks fans for support after he revealed cancer scare

After having revealed that he is undergoing extensive testing for cancer Queen guitarist Brian May returned to his website to thank fans for all of their messages of support over what must not have been such a Merry Christmas.

May had written about how the scare began after a fairly routine doctor's visit to investigate a 'pain in the backside'; "My GP decided to try to get to the bottom of it, and sent me for a set of MRI scans. Well, that's when it all became a "Health Scare" (something like a Spooky Mormon Hell Dream ...) The scans showed up all kinds of mechanical disc and vertebra problems that might be the cause of the pain, but there were also some abnormalities in the bones - things that the report said needed urgent attention. So around Christmas I've been having a succession of blood tests, ultrasounds, and various kinds of scans, to see if they could rule out various kinds of cancer."

In his second post on the issue Brian expressed his surprise to have received so many good wishes; "It's taken me by surprise - for many reasons. I really didn't realise how much you guys were gunning for me … it's great to know that, and I can't thanks you enough. It puts a smile on my face. But I didn't realise that biting the bullet and mentioning the "C" word would unlock such an avalanche. I now realise that so any of you have been wrestling with this all along, personally, or in family or friends, and, like me, found it hard to share. Hearing of your experiences, and courage, and hopes, and solutions, has been a massive eye-opener for me."

Concerns for Brian's health are heightened by the fact that his Dad passed away from cancer at the relatively young age of 66, the exact same age as the guitarist himself is now.

In the spirit of one of his band's best known tracks, "The Show Must Go On", which May wrote about band mate Freddie Mercury's battle with AIDS back in 1991, he still made it to the cast party for his rock musical [/i]We will Rock You[/i] dressed as Santa or as he wrote "the REAL Santa because Brian May was too busy out saving badgers", a reference to one of the causes he is currently campaigning hard on, protesting proposed government sanctioned badger culls.

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