OPIA - Melbourne Tour

Perth-based progressive rock trio OPIA, take flight for Melbourne with their latest single ‘Undone.’

The 2013 Undone Tour has been a great success for the guys venturing through Sydney and their home-town Perth, as well as supporting the likes of Dead Letter Circus, Breaking Orbit and this weekend Melbourne-based band Sydonia.

This weekend will take the band across to Melbourne’s two of the most renowned venues ‘The Tote’ on Saturday June 29 and ‘The Espy’ in St Kilda on Sunday June 30.

Once home OPIA will head to their bunker to for serious album writing, whilst also preparing for more east-coast headliner shows for later this year in the lead up to their highly anticipated album.

‘Undone’ was the much anticipated recent release since their 2010 Emotion Evolution EP.

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OPIA’s Tour Dates:
Saturday June 29 - The Tote, Melbourne
Sunday June 30 - The Espy, Melbourne

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