Okkervil River's Will Sheff launches Kickstarter campaign to fund short film

Okkervil River's Will Sheff launches Kickstarter campaign to fund short film

Austin indie rockers Okkervil Riverreleased 'The Silver Gymnasium', their seventh album, back in August. Now frontman Will Sheff has another project in mind and has turned to the crowdfunding site Kickstarter to help raise some of the funds to get it finished.

Sheff plans to make a short film based on the single 'Down Down The Deep River' and his own experiences growing up in the Eighties in rural New Hampshire and the sci fi films and books that he says defined his life at the time.

The film is already in production but the Kickstarter campaign is designed to add an additional $25,000 in funding. To thank those who contribute, Sheff is offering some rather neat prizes. On the campaign page he writes; "I view this Kickstarter campaign as an occasion to be creative with the prizes and experiences we can create for fans and make artworks that are beautiful and fun in their own right. To that end, I’m designing vintage-style collectors’ cards based on the spin-off trading cards tied-in to 1980s films, as well as a large film poster, an original “Read-Along” book with all-new narration, audio and artwork (done in the style of classic 80s Read Along books), and a copy of the original soundtrack and score enclosed in a vintage Nintendo game cartridge. The Kickstarter is also an opportunity to develop a closer connection with fans, and on the experiential level we’re offering everything from credits in the film to private screenings in your town, from props from the film to on-set Polaroids updating you on the shoot. I want people involved with this Kickstarter to feel charmed and enthusiastic about the process, because we’re so grateful for any help you can give us. With that help I think we’ll be able to make something really beautiful, special, and singular'.

You can check out the campaign and learn more at kickstarter.com/projects/1038315021/…

Watch: Okkervil River - 'Down, Down The Deep River'

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