Obama and Jay-Z are NOT sitting in a tree... says White House

We all thought after those campaigning days, that Obama was truly down with Hip Hop and Jay-Z was part of the inner circle didn't we? Ok, but we thought his and Beyonce's trip to Cuba (for their wedding anniversary - it's totes pretty there guys) was a telling sign of their friendship? No again? We didn't realise that embargo has been in place for 50+ years and it's STILL a bit of a... naughty place to visit?

But are Obama and Jay-Z BFFs!?!?

After an amazing "quoting" of the song by an adorable white female journalist at the daily White House press briefing, Press Secretary Jay Carney said,

“I guess nothing rhymes with Treasury ~ I am absolutely saying that the White House from the president on down had nothing to do with anybody’s personal travel to Cuba. That is something the Treasury handles.”

If you need someone to hold, in the light of this tough news, I'm here for you.

Until then, watch the clip and laugh and smile.

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