Now Newsted quit Soundwave as well

Now Newsted quit Soundwave as well

Oh for gawds sake.

With literally two days to go before Soundwave kicks off another act has withdrawn from the tour in 'mysterious' circumstances as now Jason Newsted and his eponymous band have dropped out as well.

Obviously the news came via a vague sounding Facebook post (can no one actually face up to the fans and the press anymore?) which is actually no longer there, although plenty of angry, upset fan comments are. AJ Maddah, Soundwaves organiser, promoter and head hype man has yet to comment either.

Not only had the former Metallica bassist's band been scheduled for all the Soundwave spots but they were also supposed to be playing Sidewaves in Melbourne and Sydney. As there had been a time change some might speculate that the band were miffed about that, although they had the slot before Mastadon in most venues.

The cancellation comes ten days after his former mate Dave Mustaine and Megadeth quit the tour in a huff supposedly because Big Dave did not get an apology from Maddah over a line up change.

This all really irks me personally. OK, Maddah may be as hard as heck to get on with maybe but when the very Facebook page you announced your bombshell on is then filled with fans begging you to explain and/or reconsider, like this lady's post "Please please please don't do this - I am so excited to see you guys, and we have flights and multiple tickets and have been SO excited about this for so long. Can we help? Can we rally AJ about times or stages or whatever is necessary? Can you do the Sidewaves? Something? Please?" and you don't even bother to acknowledge them then maybe you really don't deserve them at all.

By the way, recently Newsted told Loudwire he would not be averse to rejoining Metallica, although they have a perfectly good bassist in Rob Trujillo.
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