Noel Gallagher takes on Radio One's new artist policy

Noel Gallagher takes on Radio One's new artist policy, rates Australia's Jagwar Ma

Ah, that Noel Gallagher. Fresh off his 'cheating scandal' the feisty guitarist and High Flying Birds frontman is causing a ruckus again, this time chiming in on the Radio One track listing policy, one that has already deemed him 'too old' to make the trendy shows that the UK biggest radio station is now trying to create. However, Noel has a description of the station of his own;"hell".

Speaking to GQ he said "I don't understand it. It's when radio stations start focus groups. They literally go outside their building and ask people walking by, 'If I played you this song, what would you think?' and all that. Don't ask the man on the street! He's a cunt! That's why he's the man on the street, not the man in the expensive restaurant eating fucking mini sausages at four in the afternoon!"

Listing other bands he thinks are being unfairly overlooked, he said "There's great records coming out this year you're not going to hear on the radio. Temples. Jagwar Ma. Great stuff, but it's on a lower level. It's not on the battleground. You have to be in that world to hear it."

Also recently dumped from the Radio One lineup along with Noel were Green Day and Robbie Williams (although William's collaboration with Dizzie Rascal, 'Goin Crazy' did get some heavy rotation.

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