Noel Gallagher is recording a 'seismic' album and Damon Albarn would 'love' to work with him again

Noel Gallagher is recording a 'seismic' album and Damon Albarn would 'love' to work with him again

No, there is not going to be an Oasis reunion but if Mark Coyle, the man who co-produced the soon to be rereleased 'Definitely, Maybe is to be believed that does not matter as according to him Noel Gallagher's upcoming solo album is one of 'seismic proportions'

Speaking to NME Coyle, who is working with Noel on the long player, said; “That boy is from a different planet, and even the fans won’t believe how utterly amazing [the album] is. It’s pouring out of him right now. The new record … is so explosive that, on the day it comes out, Virgin Trains won’t be able to cope with all the people trying to flee the chaos.” So we should look forward to it then?

Also hopping on the Noel is good bandwagon is none other than former arch enemy Damon Albarn who has been very talkative recently in the run up to the release of his solo debut 'Everyday Robots'. Speaking at the NME Awards Albarn discussed his performance at the Teenage Cancer Trust gig last year with Noel, which won an award for 'Memorable Music Moment of the Year', and admitted he wouldn't mind working with his new friend again; Said Albarn; "It was a beautiful, beautiful moment and yeah, I'd love to work with him." What does he think such a collaboration might sound like? "I don't know. That's the great thing about being a musician and collaborating with people, you don't know what it will be like when you turn up. It could be shit or it could be fucking marvelous"

Last year's effort, which also featured Paul Weller and Graham Coxon, which you can watch below, was pretty good so hopefully the unlikely new BFFs will indeed give it another try.

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