New Metallica Album Possible Within A Year

New Metallica Album Possible Within A Year

Hard rock gods Metallica have enough songs ready for a new album, possibly for release within a year.

According to interviews with Billboard, the band's tour commitments and upcoming 3D film Metallica Through The Never are the main things holding them back.

Bassist Robert Trujillo said: "We've still got more riffs to go through and jam out and throw into the process, but we're getting there, and we'll have something great, hopefully, in the next year."

A new album would be their tenth, and the first since the multi-award nominated Death Magnetic in 2008.

Singer/guitarist James Hetfield said: "I guess basically what we're trying to do is pay for this movie, so the touring is keeping us from getting in there and finishing the record."

"We got out into the room and jammed and we've come up with enough material for a record, for sure.

"We've got enough for an album, we just haven't had enough time to really focus on it and dial in and start whittling it into these masterpieces."

Get ready for the new stuff with this live video for their 2008 song Cyanide.

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