Motorhead Cancel Shows Due To Lemmy Suffering 'Unspecified Hematoma'

Motorhead Cancel Shows Due To Lemmy Suffering 'Unspecified Hematoma'

Distressing news concerning Motorhead, it appears that the band has been forced to cancel some upcoming tour dates in Austria and Italy due to Lemmy Kilmister suffering what has been described as “unspecified hematoma” with the promoters in Milan posting this message:

"With great regret we inform you that, after [Motorhead had] canceled a date in Austria yesterday, Motorhead are also forced to cancel the date of June 25 in Milan, for the same reason, health problems with Lemmy, caused by a strong hematoma, makes it impossible at present to go on stage."

Hematoma is a a localised collection of blood outside the blood vessels, usually in the form of a blood clot. With the legendary Lemmy recently being fitted with a defibrillator to control his heart beat. It's safe to say things aren't looking good for the frontman.

We would like to wish him a speedy recover and hope he's back on his feet ASAP.

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