Metallica First Ever Show In China

Metallica First Ever Show In China

Metallica has been around for longer than I've been alive and in that time they've played an enormous amount of shows. However, there was one place they didn't ignite with their talent... China remained untouched by Metallica, up until now.

It's not a tour, it's a one off show in China's Mercedes Benz Arena in Shanghai. On Tuesday August 13 Chinese fans will finally get to see these legends perform.

The band expressed their excitement in a post on their website; "It is so rare for us to be able to say that we are visiting a country for the very first time, so this is an extra special announcement for us. After over 31 years of traveling to almost all corners of the world for so many amazing, wild and thrilling adventures, we will finally be heading to China!!"

If you are going to be in China for the concert, or just want an excuse to go there then tickets will be available from tomorrow onwards. Check out the band's website for more information.

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