Macklemore and Ryan Lewis named UN LGBT equality champions, Eminem says they are dope

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis named UN LGBT equality champions, Eminem says they are dope

The United Nations' public information campaign for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender equality Free & Equal have just announced that hip hop duo Macklemore and Ryan Lewis have joined their campaign as the latest high profile 'equality champions'. The pair join the likes of Ricky Martin, Yvonne Chaka Chaka, actress Celina Jaitly, and Brazilian singer Daniela Mercury.

In a press release Macklemore, speaking for the pair said; “We're so honored to be working with the United Nations and Free & Equal to help spread a message of equality and respect. Ryan and I have always believed that human rights are for everyone - no exceptions,”

The single 'Same Love' not only demonstrated Macklemore and Ryan Lewis' commitment to the cause long before they were given this honour but was also one of the tracks that helped cement Macklemore as maybe the hottest white rapper to come on the scene since a certain gentleman called Eminem, who by the way recently surprised many by stating in a Rolling Stone interview that he thought the Seattle rapper was "dope".

When asked if he had heard 'Same Love' Eminem responded "Yeah, yeah, yeah, I’ve heard Macklemore’s whole album. He’s really dope. Macklemore is, yeah, he’s dope." He also defended the newcomer against suggestions that technically at least he is nowhere close to Em; "I think there’s very technical shit that he does. He’s a really good songwriter, too. Conceptually, the shit he does is pretty fuckin’ incredible".

These comments obviously pleased Macklemore who in turn told Rolling Stone; "I really want to Instagram that quote, but Ryan told me I shouldn’t. I think I still might. What meant the most to me out of all that shit, is what he said about the technical stuff, and the songwriting. Because I think a lot of people do, for whatever reason, think that there’s not a technical skill set to what I bring to the records. And to have Em validate that – I mean, that’s like the technician of technical rap. So that was super fresh to me. And obviously he’s Em, he’s one of the best rappers ever."

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