Listen: Kyle Sandilands gets owned by Lorde

Listen: Kyle Sandilands gets owned by Lorde

Lorde dropped in on ‘The Kyle & Jackie O Show’ at the weekend and proved that she may be some 17 year old kid but she is not willing to take crap from middle aged DJs out for a ratings boost.

Lorde was appearing on the show to discuss her newly announced Australian tour but Kyle Sandilands wanted to talk about her friendship with Taylor Swift, taking the discussion to a place only a complete creep could. “Are you bringing your new bestie, Taylor Swift? I see you guys’ pictures everywhere. Are you guys like, uh, are you together now?” he asked, before hurriedly adding "not together as in lesbians: I’m not talking about ‘Ellen together.’”

Obviously unamused by the 'funny' remarks Lorde replied coolly; “Is there something wrong with lesbians?” Enough to shut him up? No. After a juvenile little chorus of giggles Kyle continued on “Oh my god no, I would love that!” before rather pathetically asking Lorde to confirm that she is indeed a lesbian relationship with Taylor “Don’t even try it. It’s not working,” was the teenage Lorde's final answer, leaving Sandilands to dither his way through to the end of the segment. Actually though give the conversation a little listen below. If you didn't much care for Lorde before you may feel a lot warmer towards her now..

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