Listen - Four brand new David Bowie tracks

Listen - Four brand new David Bowie tracks

For an bloke over 65 David Bowie has certainly got the hang of the whole Interwebs thing, posting surprises left right and centre, starting of course with the announcement of his 'comeback' album 'Where Are We Now?' out of the blue earlier this year. Now four completely new Bowie tracks have shown up on YouTube.

The new tracks 'Atomica', 'The Informer', 'Like A Rocket Man' and 'Born In A UFO'
will all feature on a new three disc CD and DVD 'The Next Day Extra' coming soon, but for now you can listen to them all below:

David Bowie 'Atomica'

David Bowie - 'The Informer'

David Bowie - 'Like a Rocket Man'

David Bowie - 'Born in a UFO'

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