Kanye West debuts 'Yeezus World Tour', introduces 'Jesus'

Kanye West debuts 'Yeezus World Tour', introduces 'Jesus'

Kanye West's 'Yeezus' world tour kicked off in Seattle the other night and although the crowd at KeyArena were probably expecting plenty of over the top posturing and odd proclamations, simply because that is what Kanye does, they were possibly not expecting an appearance from Jesus.

At one point in the show, in a true WTF moment, 'Jesus' wandered onstage to have a brief conversation with Yeezus before the latter finished up 'Jesus Walks'. Other than that though, the two hour show was rather low key and well produced, despite the fact Kanye does spend most of the time rapping from the top of a mountain - just in case a few had missed the God complex thing to this point - when not being carted around by a set of rather well endowed back up dancers.

In terms of the set list Mr. West gave the assembled 'disciples' what they wanted with a mash up of anthems old and new and a decent support act in the form of Kendrick Lamar.

No plans have been announced yet for the 'Yeezus' tour to head to Australia but, with Eminem coming (with Kendrick Lamar) in February, you can bet it's going to happen.

Watch 'Yeezus' meet 'Jesus'
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