Justin Bieber wanted for egg related criminal damage

Justin Bieber wanted for egg related criminal damage

He may or may not have retired from music, he may or may not be dating his Disney darling girlfriend Selena Gomez again but the one thing Justin Bieber is doing is still causing a lot of stupid trouble with some truly juvenile antics.

This time he is under investigation by the Los Angeles County sheriff's department for pelting his neighbour's house with eggs , at 'least 20 of them' according to Steve Whitmore, a spokesperson for the department.

Bieber lives in the posh LA neighbourhood of Calabasas, in a gated community, so that kind of stuff is not deemed to be amusing in any way. According to the sheriff's department the egging victims got the whole incident on tape as well.

Whitmore also said that Bieber has of yet refused to talk to police, but depending upon how much damage it is accessed that his latest 'hi-jinks' caused this time the teenage terror could actually be facing a big boy felony charge.
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