Justin Bieber Gets a Lap Dance, World Yawns

Justin Bieber Gets a Lap Dance, World Yawns

Just what is happening to all of those 'cute' little U.S teen idols? While Miley Cyrus continues to try to shock the world with her rubber chicken outfit and foam finger (yawn) little Justin Bieber is now all bulked up and hitting strip clubs in the American South.

Although not old enough to actually drink the hard stuff Stateside, Bieber was old enough to frequent a Texas strip joint (they serve juice for minors) and impress at least one of the performers, despite her obvious initial discomfort at being gawked at by the teeny bop king and then asked to give him a lap dance.

The event was essentially live tweeted by the dancer, under the handle @DiamondsR4ever, who is, apparently, now a Belieber, which at least adds a little variety to his usual tweeny girl fanbase.
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