Jimi Hendrix Museum to be created in his old London flat

Jimi Hendrix Museum to be created in his old London flat

Brook Street, in London, is rather unique in terms of musical history as an 18th century building on the street features not one, but two blue plaques celebrating the famous musicians that once lived there. One is dedicated George Frideric Handel and the other to Jimi Hendrix. And while the building currently serves as the Handel House Museum Hendrix will now be honoured in the same way.

Hendrix rented a flat at 23 Brook Street with girlfriend Kathy Etchingham in 1968 and once described the place as "the only home I ever had". The connection to Handel was not lost on him either and not too long after moving in he bought all of the works that Handel had written while living in the home from a local record store.

At the moment the rooms that Hendrix and Etchingham lived in serve as the offices of Handel Museum staff but after years of being asked to give tours of their office by Hendrix a grant has been secured so that the rooms can be returned to their 1968 state and a museum to the guitarist, who died in a Notting Hill hotel in 1970, can be created.

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