Jack White hints he is finishing solo album

Jack White hints he is finishing solo album

He laid rather low in 2013 but Jack White certainly seems to be intent on changing all of that in 2014. A few weeks ago we told you about his plans with The Dead Weather, which include releasing a slew of new singles ahead of a 2015 album release, but he is also, it seems, almost finished with his own solo album as well.

During a Redditt chat with fans he revealed that “producing two albums this month, and finishing them,” and that “one of them is mine.” Most fans took that to mean his solo album, although a few speculated that it might be a new Raconteurs album as White has recently been showed up and played along at one of Brendan Benson's gigs recently.

Ever the enigma Jack chose not to clarify his remarks any further, but the fact that he recently said in a BBC radio interview that he had 20 songs written for a solo album already it seems more likely that it will be a Jack White only affair (not that we are complaining)

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