Ignorance Is Bliss... N Eso

Ignorance Is Bliss... N Eso

Hey, remember that hilarious night back in 2009 when Chris Brown punched in Rihanna's face? You remember, it happened right after he attempted to push her from a moving car? What, you don't remember that as being a right laugh? Well, you're probably in the company of millions who were rightfully sickened by the now infamous pictures of the singer's bruised, bleeding and swollen face.

Disturbingly, it seems that MC Eso, half of renowned hip hop group Bliss N Eso found time to mock the incident during a recent trip to a wax museum. In a picture uploaded to Instagram earlier today, the rapper posed beside a flame haired wax figure of Rihanna, his hand held to her jaw in a balled up fist. Eso, real name Max MacKinnon, went on to caption the picture (which has since been removed) "Where did you throw those fucking car keys woman? #rihanna #smackmybitch #shelovesthewayithurts"

MacKinnon also went on to upload pictures with the figures of Lady Gaga and Raquel Welch with similar misogynistic, sexist and sexually violent captions.

Ignorance Is Bliss... N Eso

Domestic violence is not okay. Sexism, misogyny, sexual violence and straight up and down ignorance is not okay. Regardless of which walk of life you are from, or where you come from, these facts are universally correct.

For a man with a fan base creeping up to 600,000 to condone these disgusting attitudes towards women is at best negligent, and at worst incredibly dangerous. That there are still people defending this creep on Facebook and Instagram is mind blowing.

This is not a case of being a wowser, this is not about not being able to take a joke - it is about people out there that STILL think that this kind of public endorsement of violence towards women is okay and more than that, a source of humour.

Women are being beaten, raped and sadly even murdered by their partners, the statistics are staggering.

We at The Dwarf implore you to make a stand, share this post on Bliss N Eso's page, share it on the Triple J page, share it anywhere you can. A strong message needs to be delivered, sooner rather than later.

Ignorance Is Bliss... N Eso

Since we broke this story, MacKinnon has since deleted all of these images and has offered this apology on Instagram.

Ignorance Is Bliss... N Eso
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