Hungry Kids of Hungary Lead Singer's 'Vanity Project'

Hungry Kids of Hungary Lead Singer's 'Vanity Project'

So your band has just released a mega successful album, you're part of a massive annual festival and you're about to embark on a national tour. What's your next move?

Leave said band and go solo of course!

Lead singer and guitarist of indie rock band Hungry Kids Of Hungary Dean McGrath has said when all the touring is done and dusted he'd like to work on a solo career or what he called "a vanity project".

The outcome at this stage is uncertain, with McGrath unsure if his solo work will even be released. He just wants something that is all him.

With Hungry Kid's latest album You're A Shadow receiving overwhelming public and critical feedback, the musical community would assume the Brisbane band would strike while the iron's hot, but now we'll have to see.

Watch the boys play one of their latest songs 'When Yesterday's Gone' live in the Triple J studio.

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