Golden Plains VII Set Times Released

If you woke up this morning feeling fizzy inside, and found that you could see 'round corners, never fear, it just means that the playing times for Golden Plains Lucky 7 have just been announced, and will roll out in all their four-dimensional glory on the Labour Day Long Weekend in but a few short weeks. Funky.

The annual journey through time and space kicks off in the Meredith Supernatural Amphitheatre at 2pm Saturday, rollicking along for two days while providing the soundtrack for your good times, before finishing up sometime Monday.

In a late lineup development Sixfthick announced that they are unable to play due to illness, however Melbourne rockers Money For Rope have stepped up to fill their shoes, and will kickstart the whole affair, taking to the stage moments after the opening ceremony.

If you were lucky enough to snatch up a ticket before they sold out in record time last November, then godspeed you musical gypsy, here are the set times for your comprehensive analysis.

Get prepared to channel your inner Bootsy Collins, for the funk will be landing at Golden Plains in no time at all, and I suspect that you are in for one Mighty Boosh of a good time.

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