Foo Fighters tease Australian/New Zealand tour

Foo Fighters tease Australian/New Zealand tour

Foo Fighters have rather actively been promoting what is dubbed as 'Album 8' on their Facebook page this past weekend, but a new post, especially for those of us here Down Under, seems to tease some upcoming appearances here, maybe even sooner than anyone expected.

As you can see above, the post, like all of the recent posts, encourages fans to signup for the newsletter at the official Foo Fighters site ; "Cause you never know where/when the Foo's may show up. Just sayin...". Hint, click on the envelope to do so, it's not too clear..

Last week, the boys basically shut down blocks and blocks of the New Orleans downtown when they played a gig at the city's legendary Presentation Hall, complete with full local jazz band. That performance was also filmed for the HBO documentary which will follow the making of the new album across almost a dozen US cities (and maybe elsewhere?)

Watch: Foo Fighters 4 New Orleans 17-5-14

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