Fall Out Boy Singer Unleashes Twitter Rant Against Heckler

Fall Out Boy Singer Unleashes Twitter Rant Against Heckler

Patrick Stump, the lead singer for American pop-punks Fall Out Boy, launched an 18-tweet rant against heckler Shane Morris yesterday.

It's not clear when and where the heckling took place, but it's clear that Stump wasn't a happy bunny.

Check out Stump's selected highlights:

"You suck at heckling. We could start with how none of your insults have contextual substance."

"It's like you were born a desperate heroin-addled Reno dinner theatre has-been."

"All told your most effective insult is the one you are to the art of criticism and music management."

(That one's a gem. I may steal and adapt it at some point.)

"See, those are all better insults because even my insults are more dignified than you are."

"Beat me, insult me; Doesn't matter. You're just the card we can see up the magician's sleeve."

"That last mess of tweets was all directed at one @iamshanemorris. Do the world a favor and block him as well. Have a great day :)"

You can read all of Stump's comments (parts 1-18) at twitter.com/…

Or you could watch this video for Fall Out Boy's 'My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark'.

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