Debut LP From Ex-Metallica Bassist Due September

Debut LP From Ex-Metallica Bassist Due September

Newsted, the band formed by ex-Metallica bassist Jason Newsted, are planning a September release for their debut LP.

The band, who released the four-track EP Metal in January, hope to finish their first full-length album by August.

Newsted told Billboard: "I figured if I was going to go back out and use the money I earned in Metallica to make the band happen and be all the way in it, I don't want there to be any mistakes or confusion over what's coming."

"I don't have time for anybody to have to figure out what this band is about.

"With my name on it, there's no confusion.

"This is metal - heavy metal music."

Newsted played bass with Metallica from 1986 to 2001, and has also worked with Ozzy Osbourne, Voivoid and Echobrain.

His bandmates include guitarist Mike Mushok, from Staind, and drummer Jesus Mendez.

Check out this video for their debut single 'Soldierhead'.

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