Damon Albarn offers an insight into Blur's Big Day Out Cancellation

Damon Albarn offers an insight into Blur's Big Day Out Cancellation

Damon Albarn, speaking with the New Zealand Herald as part of his promotional jag for his upcoming solo album, has finally shed a little light on just why Blur cancelled their Big Day Out headlining slot so abruptly last year.

Warning that "this is as frank as I am prepared to be" Albarn said; “That was going to be the last Blur show – the end of playing together – and I didn’t want it to finish on anything other than a very positive note, because Blur is incredibly precious to all of us. But I was genuinely concerned that the whole Big Day Out thing wouldn’t be quite as spiritually conclusive as we hoped it would be, because we weren’t sure if the organisation was quite right, or supportive of our ambitions.”

At the time, issuing a statement via Facebook, Blur had stated they were pulling out of the festival because of “constantly shifting goalposts and challenging conditions of the organisers”. Promoter AJ Maddah dismissed that idea, hinting that it was frictions within the band to blame instead. However, in the interview Damon still insisted it was the organisers who caused the problem;

“They [the organisers] weren’t being straight with me about things,which they needed to be, and at that point I became disillusioned because I didn’t want what we’d done throughout the year, with Blur, to be undermined or tarnished in any way, by a show that wasn’t going to be what we wanted to do.

“We’d been playing for six months solidly, around the world, so I knew that we would deliver a fantastic show, a great performance and a communal event, which everyone would have enjoyed. All I asked was that the organisation recognised that and I didn’t feel they did. So, that’s why, unfortunately, we couldn’t come.”

Albarn, whose solo long player Everyday Robots will be released on April 28, has all but ruled out a Blur reunion any time in the foreseeable future but he did complete his interview on a positive note, stating that he does intend to return to Australia soon; “Don’t anyone forget that I had an absolutely brilliant time with Gorillaz only two years earlier in that part of the world – it was a fantastic experience – and I fully intend to come back and play there again, if I’m allowed. Until then, I understand I have to wait.”

Damon has just debuted another song from Everyday Robots, Heavy Seas of Love, a track that features Brian Eno on vocals. You can listen to it below:

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