Coachella 2014 sells out in record time

Coachella 2014 sells out in record time

Coachella has become one of the hottest festival tickets in the world over the last few years and in 2014 it is proving even more popular, with all the tickets for both weekends selling out in just two hours and 37 minutes.

The tickets officially went onsale at 10 am California time on Friday and were all gone by 12.37pm, beating a record set by the 2012 festival of two hours and fifty seven minutes.

Now the next challenge for those lucky enough to have snagged their tickets to see the likes of Outkast, Muse, Arcade Fire and Queens of the Stone Age is actually finding a place to stay vaguely near the Indio, CA showground if they did not pay the $85 USD camping fee when they bought their ticket (or do not want to bake out in the desert)

Local newspapers in the area are reporting that if festivalgoers want to stay anywhere near the venue they will need to be willing to pay some seriously inflated room rates. For example, a lowest in the range single room at the mid range Hampton Springs Inn in Palm Beach would cost a traveler $124 USD ($137 AUD) if they stayed there right now. Try to book that same room for either of the Coachella weekends and it will cost $300 minimum ($333 AUD)

Speaking of cashing in the newly reformed Outkast are remaining together at least long enough to head across the US after Coachella to headline the New York Governors Ball 2014 in early June.
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