Chinese Democracy Losing Baggage, Says Bumblefoot

Chinese Democracy Losing Baggage, Says Bumblefoot

Guns 'N Roses guitarist Ron Thal, better known as Bumblefoot, claims that Chinese Democracy is gaining more fans as times goes on.

The 2008 album was the band's first original studio release since 1991, and only featured one member from the glory days: Axl Rose.

Repeated delays, a serious change in style, and record-breaking production costs kept drawing attention away from the actual music.

In an interview with Gulf News, Thal said that in the five years since its release, fans had come to accept and embrace Chinese Democracy.

He said people were praising the album on its own terms, not with reference to its history.

Although critics were mostly positive, the album initially suffered a backlash from old Gunners fans.

Thal dismissed this backlash as the product of the album's baggage - so that's alright, then.

He also said Guns 'N Roses currently have no plans for another album.

Given that the last one took 17 years to complete, we're not surprised.

One of the songs from Chinese Democracy was 'Street of Dreams' - check out the live version here.

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