Boy George releases solo album, ready to move on to Culture Club LP

Boy George releases solo album, ready to move on to Culture Club LP

The rehabbed, reformed, slimmed down, Buddhist vegetarian version of Boy George has just released his first new album of original. new material in 18 years and his next project may be working on the Culture Club reunion that stalled in Australia back in 2011.

This Is What I Do showcases the newly soulful voice that the now 52 year old singer first debuted in Sydney when he appeared along with the rest of the members of the band at a New Year's Eve gig in Sydney. That was not a fun experience though, as he explained to; “That tour was a bit of a f--- up. And we knew it.I fired my manager and told the band ‘We’re not doing any more gigs until we’re ready and there’s a new record’. I was just not ready to go out on a f---ing tour and it felt like we were being pushed into it.”

That, he said, was the point at which he decided it was best to go it alone again for a while and the new album is the result of that decision. The long player was produced by Youth and Richie Stevens who are now apparently ready to, along with Boy George, move on and work on that Culture Club album, possibly with the assistance of Trevor Horn as well.

“Everything we’re doing now is about legacy,” George says. “We need to respect what we were. I’ve reached the point where I’m able to see that what we did together was really important and had a social and cultural impact. People thank me for helping them come out or change their sex or come to terms with who they were as a kid. Some kid in Ohio could see someone who was a bit like them and make a connection the same way I did with David Bowie. What we did together was special and it got kind of lost in all the showbiz and drama.
So it’s nice to do again with a bit of dignity.”

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