Big Day Out Knock Back City And Colour

Big Day Out Knock Back City And Colour

City And Colour, headed by multi-talented music man Dallas Green, have been knocked back by Big Day Out organisers.

Green told Triple J: “It turns out that the people doing Big Day Out didn’t end up wanting City and Colour to be on it.”

The acoustic-folk group have a huge Australian following, who - Green joked - could riot about BDO's decision.

Green also said the group already had intentions to do their own tour around the same time, debuting their new album The Hurry And The Harm.

Whether the City boys will keep their tour plans now that they will not be Big Day Outers is unclear at this stage.

However, Green did say: “I would come there tomorrow because I love it so much. So I hope it’s in January, and we’ll leave it at that."

The Hurry And The Harm is set to drop in Australia on Friday May 31, and City And Colour fans will undoubtedly be waiting eagerly for the band's decision.

Have a listen to one of the singles released off their latest album here, and wonder how Big Day Out couldn't want these makers of beautiful music on tour.

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