Beyonce's new album breaks iTunes sales records

Beyonce's new album breaks iTunes sales records

Beyonce dropped her new album without a drop of promotion, not even a mystical tweet or two, but it seems like the element of surprise worked just fine as since it dropped on iTunes on Friday the 13th - obviously lucky for some - the self titled album had sold 617,000 copies as of Sunday evening. (The figure has now gone up to 828,773)

That figure breaks a bunch of records, including the iTunes Store record for biggest sales week of an album and the second-largest general digital sales week ever. Only Lady Gaga has ever sold more - 662,000 for 'Born this Way - but she was helped along in that effort by a big promotional push offering the download for just 99 cents via Amazon.

Many industry analysts see a little bit of genius in the way Mrs Carter pulled her little surprise (as well as a little bit of awe that she managed to keep it all so hush hush) Given the amount of money artists, even big names like Mr Carter aka Jay Z, spend on promoting their albums is this maybe the wave of the future for savvier musicians who would like to hold onto a bigger share of the profits? Only time will tell.

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