Azealia Banks Unveils Alter Ego

Azealia Banks Unveils Alter Ego

We’ve met Beyone’s Sasha Fierce, Nicki Minaj’s Roman and Lady Gaga’s Joe Calderone, and now one of the most controversial artists on the music scene has unearthed her alter ego: Yung Rapunxel.

The unveiling of this diabolical fiend came in the form of the music video of Azealia Banks’ lead single for upcoming album Broke With Expensive Taste, which is set to be released later this year.

The music video for ‘Yung Rapunxel’ sees Azealia become a more bad ass version of herself (if that’s even possible!) as she single handedly takes on an army of police officers with glass bottles, head pounding chants and killer dance moves.

Based on the music video, Yung Rapunxel appears to be a spiritual creature as there are copious amounts of yin yang symbols, crescent moons, multi eye colored owls and what some have shrewdly defined as the infamous ‘illuminati’.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Banks discussed her alter ego as:

“that girl who pisses people off but doesn't really mean to. She's actually a sweetheart! But people are so taken aback that she's so herself; she's not even trying to be unique or different. She literally just lives in her head; she does what she wants to do. So, the lipstick is here for someone who is happy to be themself."

The moral of this story is that the career of Azealia Banks wasn’t a short team controversial stint, this Harlem based rapper is here to stay which is reaffirmed by the critical acclaim that has been garnered from her latest single ‘Yung Rapunxel’.

So without any further adieu, I present to you ladies and gentlemen: Yung Rapunxel!

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