Are AC/DC about to announce they are done?

Are AC/DC about to announce they are done?

Late last yearAC/DC frontman Brian Johnson spoke of the band's plans to both record a new album and tour in 2014 but if new reports are correct that may never be and they may be announcing their retirement instead.

The suggestion was first put forth by entertainment journalist Peter Ford on Tuesday morning, who was appearing on radio station 3AW. He claimed that reliable sources had told him that the reason that nothing has been said about tour or recording recently is that it is simply not going to happen and that the veteran rockers may release a statement about the future of the band in the next few days. Ford said "The suggestion is being put to me that tour will never happen and we will never see AC/DC perform again or record again," he said.

After that the rumour mill kicked into overdrive, suggesting that the reason is that guitarist Malcolm Young is seriously ill and has returned to his home in Australia with his family. That claim was first made by a person named 'Thunderstruck'in an email to to Perth radio station 6PR. In that missive Thunderstruck states; ''I have extremely good contacts in Europe that are very close to AC/DC. I have it on very good authority that one of the band members is quite ill and has returned to Australia with his family."

Appearing on air on Tuesday he then made the revelation that that band member is Malcolm Young; ''My information is that Malcolm Young has moved himself and his family back to Australia, he's very very ill and that AC/DC may well be history. AC/DC members have previously made a pact that no band members will be replaced should someone need to leave the band. No more is currently being said, however the particularly ill member of AC/DC's son has stated that AC/DC may well be over.''

No one in the AC/DC camp has made any comment yet and staff at their Australian headquarters, Albert Music, are reportedly not taking any calls.

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