Arcade Fire, Beady Eye and Pearl Jam Set Lists and First Footage from BDO 2014

Arcade Fire, Beady Eye and Pearl Jam Set Lists and First Footage from BDO 2014

The Big Day Out is officially underway, having hit Auckland and the Gold Coast already. If you are still waiting for your turn at BDO you will be probably be wondering what the big headliners are playing. Based off the Auckland sets it is far to say that Arcade Fire, Beady Eye and Pearl Jam are certainly offering value for money.

In the case of Arcade Fire despite the fact that Reflektor was one of the hottest albums of 2013 did not mean that they focused too much on it. Over the course of their 17 song set they revisited all four of their albums almost equally.

Beady Eye have a smaller body of work to delve into, having only released two albums so far so it made sense to delve back into the Oasis archives as well, adding 'Morning Glory' and 'Rock n Roll Star' to their 12 song set, along with a nod to The Rolling Stones by finishing up with 'Gimmie Shelter'

When you have been around as long as Pearl Jam have figuring out what to add to a 24 song set has to be a bit of a tall order. Their latest long player ‘Lightning Bolt’ got a good outing, with Eddie and the lads ripping through five of its tracks. The band hit pretty much every one of their previous albums though, all the way back to 'Ten and 'classic' tracks like Even Flow and Black. They were also joined onstage by Liam Finn (Neil's kid) for 1996's Habit.

Full set lists can be found below as well as a bit of decent fan footage.

Arcade Fire Auckland BDO set list

Ready To Start
Flashbulb Eyes
Neighbourhood #3
Joan of Arc
The Suburbs
The Suburbs (continued)
Neighbourhood #1
Sprawl II
My Body Is A Cage
Keep The Car Running
Normal Person
Rebellion (Lies)
Here Comes The Night Time
Wake Up

Beady Eye Auckland BDO set list

Flick of the Finger
Four Letter Word
Soul Love
Second Bite of The Apple
Morning Glory (Oasis)
I’m Just Saying
Iz Rite
Shine A Light
Rock ‘N’ Roll Star (Oasis)
The Roller
Bring The Light
Gimme Shelter

Pearl Jam BDO set list

Lightning Bolt
Mind Your Manners
Given To Fly
Brain of J
Even Flow
Let The Records Play
Unthought Known
Save You
Habit (with Liam Finn)
Better Man

Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town
Why Go
State Of Love And Trust

Baba O’Reilly (The Who cover)

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