Alice Cooper Lets Mumford and Sons Have It

Alice Cooper Unleashes The Hate On 'Not A Rock N Roll Band' Mumford and Sons

Somebody doesn't like banjos.

Alice Cooper has let Mumford and Sons have it in a recent interview with fuse, calling them an offence to Rock and Roll.

Cooper certainly didn't hold back in this interview, also stating that The Lumineers are a "great clog dancing band."

Cooper then went on to offer up advice on where rock music comes from.

“But when you get on stage you don’t play the guitar up here, and it’s not an acoustic guitar. You play the guitar down here. It doesn't come from your heart; it comes from your gut, from your groin. Rock ‘n’ roll’s played down here, it’s sexual, it’s tribal.”

What Alice Cooper saying is definitely not wrong with his critique of modern music. Check out the full Cooper beat down below.

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