Ugly Duckling have the Audacity

Hip Hop veterans Ugly Duckling have done it again. Set for August release, their new long player Audacity is party Hip Hop at its absolute finest. Guaranteed to get you all hot and sweaty this winter, Audacity will be released through mighty Hydrofunk Records - ready yourself for this hugely anticipated latest installment from Andy, Dizzy and Young Einstein.


It's been three years since Ugly Duckling's last release Bang for the Buck blasted its way onto our stereos in 2006, having set the standard for Hip Hop artists the world over to follow, Ugly Duckling raise the bar higher still with Audacity. As always, Einstein continues to prove that he is a master of the decks, producing that signature UD sound we all know and love.


Meanwhile, the only two MC's that bling forgot – Andy and Dizzy – extend their vocal ranges with harmonies and more complex arrangements than in previous releases. In true Ugly Duckling style, their lyrics contain a rich vocabulary to rival that of any greatest literary geniuses and of course they are as witty as hell.


Opening with the explosive and melodic first single I Won't Let it Die, Ugly Duckling prove that Audacity has taken them into new musical territory. And for all you scratch addicts out there – the ever reliable Einstein delivers with the epic Einstein Do It (Night On Scratch Mountain) proves that he's not afraid to suffer for his art, punishing his hands by scratching together over one hundred cuts in a manic whirlwind of vinyl manipulation and fader flux.


Listen to the first single here: beatbroker.com.au/…

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