Albert Hall balcony issue

Due to safety concerns, the balcony at The Albert Hall in Launceston was forced to close last week- Sunday May 24- during The Presets concert.


The balcony at the Albert Hall, which is owned by Launceston City Council and licensed to fit a capacity of 150 as part of a larger capacity of 1100, showed indications of structural strain despite having less than 100 attendees present at the time.


As The Presets launched into their set it became apparent that the balcony presented a safety issue for those in that area. In the interest of patron safety it was decided that the balcony should be cleared.


Unfortunately, rigorous liquor licensing restrictions meant that the audience on the balcony (largely under 18) were then unable to be permitted to enter the main floor of the auditorium.


Contact details for all the members of the audience who had been escorted from the balcony area were collected by the promoter upon exiting the building, and will be contacted to be given a refund on their tickets.


The Presets said: "We were extremely disheartened to learn that the under 18s had to exit the venue due to safety measures. We understand that refunds will be made for those who had to leave the show. Again we share your disappointment on what was otherwise a great night. Launceston under 18 fans who missed out tonight due to this problem: please stay tuned, we will work on something very special for you shortly."


Clint Pease from local concert promoters Opcon said: "We take the safety of our patrons extremely seriously, and decided that there was no other sensible option but to remove patrons from the affected area. Opcon will address these issues with Launceston City Council this morning, so that Council ensures the venue is deemed safe for all future concerts."

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