Xmas Even for Melbourne and Sydney

Xmas Even comes but once a year.... That's right folks, Xmas Even is upon us once again and this year Xmas Even goes to Sydney for the very first time.


Once again the Even group of singers have outdone themselves and put together a stella lineup of acts to help them celebrate the commercial corporatebehemothexample of capitalism that is xmas.


In Melbourne... The amazingly talented Bob Evans is Even's very special guest, making a triumphant return to town after his fabulous show at The East early December. This will be Bob's only live appearance for the weekend too so don't miss it.


Opening proceedings are a bunch of likely lads on debut, Mike Noga & the Gentlemen of Fortune. Mike Noga is of course a Drone, so to speak, and his Gentlemen of Fortune includes Patrick Bourke of Dallas Crane, Angus Agars of The Vandas and Graeme Cameron of Machine Translations. Quite the lineup of talent, come and see if they cut the mustard!


In Sydney, Laura Imbruglia shares the stage with Even for the very first time, as do the curious Cuthbert & the Night Walkers and another debutant act, Homemade Plane, featuring the talents of Dave Orwell and Jason Slattery who were once upon a time together in a great Sydney band called Oliver.


So in conclusion, give yourselves a xmas bonus and get your arses to the Spanish Club and or the Annandale Hotel for Xmas Even and their cast of thousands. You'll be glad you did.


Xmas Even 2006


Friday, December 22 - Spanish Club, Fitzroy with Bob Evans and Mike Noga & the Gentlemen of Fortune


Saturday, December 23 - Annandale Hotel, Sydney with guests Laura Imbruglia, Cuthbert & the Night Walkers and Homemade Plane

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